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Indigo Solutions to Business

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Global Presence


Global Solutions

Indigo Solutions is backed by a global leadership team with many years of experience in all sectors of IT Services and consulting.

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Indigo Solutions


Savings in Time & Resources

We span the globe and have made a difference to many corporate enterprises and organisations providing unparalleled savings in time and resources.

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From Client to Partner

Our driving ambition is to provide trust and quality in all our client relations becoming partners in current solutions and developing future co-operation

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Testing & Validation


Key to Successful Development

Recent studies have shown that vast amounts of money is wasted as a consequence of inadequate testing.

Indigo Solutions is a specialist provider of Software Lifecycle services. We offer a complete Software Testing and Validation service, including fully managed services with comprehensive reporting. We also offer Software Development Maintenance and Consulting Services, providing a complete Software Support solution.


One of the main features of our Software Testing and Validation Services is its Indepedent nature, addressing the basic requirements of an organisation. The services include functional and integration Validation of the software being tested. The service can also be highly Specialised, ensuring the software being tested is not just 'fit for purpose' but also has the required level of quality and reliability.


In tandem with these services, we also offer Software Migration and Consultancy service, to complement the Software support services we provide, giving our clients a complete Software Solutions package from start to finish.



Quality of services and products are paramount to Indigo Solutions. Solutions are focused on delivering strategic tailored objectives to Clients.Comment

Indigo Solutions develop software solutions in all major technologies such as Microsoft and Java, alongside modernising legacy systems running on Mainframe technologies. Comment

Test & Validation
True Realization of expected benefits from IT solutions are dependant on the implementation of Validation and Testing services. Comment